Silicone finger tooth brush

This toothbrush has been specially designed for a simple and effective and comfortable start towards good oral hygiene. You can clean more effectively and actually see if there are any deposits left on the tooth surface.

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Product description

Silicone finger tooth brush

Brand : Pappu

Care & Use

Wash in warm water using mild liquid soap and rinse thoroughly in clear water
Toothbrush can either be sterilized by immersing in sterilizing solution or by using an electric microwave or steam sterilizer
Always sterilize in unassembled condition
 For your child's safety and health: WARNING!

Toothbrush can be boiled
Do not place in a dishwasher
Always wash immediately after use
Inspect immediately before each and after each use and discarded at the first sign of damage or weakness when worn.
This brush should not be used as a dummy or pacifier or a soother or comforter.
Avoid the use of sharp or abrasive material when cleaning
Older children and adults could bite through the theater
Keep in a dry-covered container
Always use this product with adult supervision
Keep all components not in use out of child children reach

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