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Spin water filled teether With Cartoon Pattern







Brand : Pappu



Dual Comfort: Our teether provides a two-fold solution for your baby's needs. The water-filled design offers a cooling sensation to soothe tender gums during teething, while the built-in rattle stimulates auditory senses, captivating your baby's attention.
Sensory Stimulation: The gentle rattle sound encourages your baby's auditory development, fostering early cognitive growth. As your baby grasps and shakes the teether, they'll experience the joy of discovering cause and effect.
Textured Surface: The teether's textured surface provides an added tactile experience, promoting oral exploration and gum massage. This helps to alleviate discomfort and teething pain, making it a trusted companion for your baby's teething phase.
Easy to Hold: Designed with tiny hands in mind, the teether's ergonomic shape allows your baby to hold and manipulate it with ease. The lightweight design ensures that even the smallest hands can enjoy its benefits.
Safe and Durable: Crafted from high-quality, BPA-free materials, our water-filled teether prioritizes your baby's safety. The sealed water compartment prevents leaks and ensures long-lasting use.
Vibrant Colors: The teether's attractive colors and playful design capture your baby's imagination, enhancing visual stimulation and contributing to their overall sensory development.

Always inspect the teether before each use to ensure there are no signs of damage or leakage.
Refrigerate the teether (not freeze) to enhance its cooling effect during teething.
Supervise your baby while using the teether to prevent accidental swallowing or choking.
Clean the teether thoroughly using warm soapy water and a gentle brush. Do not sterilize in boiling water.

Why Choose Our Water-Filled Teether with Rattle:

Dual Benefit: Combining soothing relief and playful engagement in one versatile product.
Trusted Quality: Crafted from safe, BPA-free materials with a secure water-filled compartment.
Developmental Advantage: Stimulates multiple senses for holistic development during early stages.
Easy Handling: Designed for small hands, allowing your baby to hold, shake, and explore comfortably.
Make teething moments more manageable and enjoyable for your baby with our Baby Water-Filled Teether with Rattle. A perfect blend of innovation, safety, and sensory fun, it's a valuable addition to your baby's growth and happiness. Choose quality, choose comfort – choose our teether for your precious little one.

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