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Baby Feeding Bottle - 5oz.







Brand : Pappu


Cleaning and sterilizing

  • Before sterilizing, wash bottles and accessories thoroughly in warm soapy water to ensure all milk deposits are removed.
  • Squeeze the teat to ensure any residual milk has been removed.
  • Sterilized by immersing in a feeding bottle sterilizing solution.
  • Do not clean or allow to come in contact with solvents or harsh chemicals which could result in damage.
For your child's safety and health: WARNING!
  • Always use this product with adult supervision.
  • Never use feeding teats as a soother.
  • Always check food temperature before feeding.
  • Continuous prolonged sucking of fluids will cause tooth decay.
  • Inspect the teat before every use by pulling the teat in all directions
  • Throw away at the first sign of weakness.
  • Do not leave a feeding teat in direct sunlight or heat or leave it in disinfectant, as this may weaken the teat.
  • Keep all components out of reach of children.
Warming the feed using a microwave oven.
  • Never heat a sealed bottle in a microwave oven.
  • Although not recommended, if you wish to warm the feed using a microwave, remove the teat, cap, and cover before heating.
  • The outside of the bottle will feel cooler than the feed, therefore shake well to ensure even heat distribution always check the temperature of the feed before offering it to your baby.

Here are some additional benefits of using the Pappu 5oz Baby Feeding Bottle:

It can help to promote a smooth transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.
It can be used with both breast milk and formula.
It is dishwasher-safe and sterilizer safe.
It comes with a variety of nipple sizes to accommodate your baby's age and feeding needs.
It is available in a variety of colors to match your nursery décor.
Order your 5oz Baby Feeding Bottle today and give your little one the best possible start!

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