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Silicone Breast shield


Made of 100% clear, soft and odourless liquid silicone, Help draw the nipple out when if is flat or inverted . Protect sore nipple during feeding. Make mother's nipple easy to grasp when her breast is engorged. To help protect against "teething toddlers" Easy to use and clean.


Brand : Pappu


Wet the inside of the shield with a few drops of water to form a seal. During breastfeeding the nipple shield should be held in place with the finger lying flat under the breast and the thumb lying above the nipple.
To help the baby get used to the shield, express some milk into the shield. Before and after every use wash the shield with warm soapy water and then dry it.  Do not clean or allow to come in contact with solvents or harsh chemicals. Damage could result suitable for sterilization, for your child's safety and health: WARNING

Wash and sterilize before use. Never put the shield in the dishwasher.


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