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Breast pump (manual)




Brand : Pappu


Unique interlocking provides handle lock whennot in use.
NO-Drip design prevents milk from spilling out.
Anti-Colic air vent system for gentle milk flow.
Easy to assemble desgin.
Hassle free Cleaning and Storage.
Do not use abrasive material or any other strong solvents for cleaning as it may damage the product.
This product is NOT A TOY
Keep out of reach for children, when not in use
Pappu's Manual Breast Pump provides a portable and convenient option for breastfeeding women who want to express discreetly and in comfort while on the move, as it does not require batteries  or an electrical source.
Designed for ease of use , a simple switch at the top of the handle enables you to switch between the 'Slow Flor' and 'High Flow' modes of breast feeding. The "Slow Flow' mode mimics your baby's natural sucking style at the start of the feeding process. The 'Fast Flow' mode replicates the longer, slower draws your baby makes during breastfeeding.
The ergonomic handle means the Pappu's Manual Breast Pump can be used with one hand without placing any strain on your wrist. It also features a unique silicone soft cushion that creates a secure seal which makes pumping not only more efficient, but also more comfortable.


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