Milk powder container




Brand : Pappu


Measure and fill the milk powder required for each feed into the compartments and close the top cap and lid. When ready to feed, simply remove the lid and pour the powder into the bottle. always used cooled, freshly boiled water for feeding preperation. Then twist the empty compartment until you hear a click, so the lid is positioned on top of the next full compartment and is ready to use.
Wash and rinse thoroughly before first use and immediately after everyuse.
To clean, wash in soapy water and sterilize.
Dishwasher - safe (Top rack only). Container must be completely dry before usage
 For your child's Safety and health : WARNING !
Never put milk powder into pre - boiled water that is too hot for baby.
Make sure that feed is a suitable temperature before feeding.
Only to be used with milk powder or other dry baby snacks.
Not to be used with liquids or purees.
Keep all components not in use out of reach of children.
This product should only be used by an adult. Do not store in sunlight or near heat sources
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