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ขวดนม ทรงเว้า ขนาด 4 ออนซ์ พร้อมจุกนมซิลิโคน



แบรนด์ : ปั๊พปุ


Usage and care: 

  - Wash your hands every time before use. or before feeding the baby

  - before and after every use should be cleaned Or disinfect with hot water

  - Store in a dry and closed place

  - Should be kept away from sunlight and heat

Cleaning and disinfection :

  - Before disinfection Bottles should be washed thoroughly. Free from stains and dirt

  - Squeeze the teat to ensure that all milk stains and residues have been removed.

  - Sterilize by dipping the bottle in a disinfectant solution as recommended by the medicine.

  - Before first use. Should be immersed in boiling water for 5 minutes

  - Do not wash or let the product come in contact with harsh chemicals.

For the safety of the baby  / warning:

  - Usage should be under adult supervision.

  - Do not use this teat. Is an artificial pacifier for biting or sucking play

  - Using a pacifier for a long time It may cause bad teeth.

  - Should check the temperature of milk. Always before giving the baby

  - Check the teat before every use

  - If the product is damaged Change it immediately

  . - Do not place the product in the sun, a place with high heat. or soaked in disinfectant for too long 

  - should be kept out of reach of children

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