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Maintenance and use 

  - before each use The nipple should be checked to make sure it is clean. And not damaged

  - before first use Wash thoroughly and disinfect in boiled water for 5 minutes

for good hygiene.

  - Wash immediately after use.

  - Wash the inside and outside of the teat.

  - Use diluted detergent. Using a brush for cleaning the nipple All over the inside and outside to pay off the milk stains. Rinse with water

  - Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the teats

  - available with microwave

  - Keep container dry and tightly


  - replaced immediately. When found damaged.

  - Keep away from sunlight and heat.

  - Should not be used as a artificial teats. For a bite Or use it as a toy

  - Keep out of reach of children

  - Usage should be under adult supervision.
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